Our Skills.

WordPress is the industry leading Content Management System (CMS) powering over one-third of the entire internet, and we are seasoned pros at using it to create a complete website management toolkit for editing text, videos and other web content.

Responsive design is mobile-friendly design. Today, a third or more of a site’s traffic comes from mobile devices. We design websites that adapt to the size of the viewer’s screen with optimized navigation, providing a fluid user experience.

Our Process.

The way we do the things we do_

01 Plan

Here is where we get to know you, your business, and your specific wants and needs. We’ll do a competitive analysis, research your customers, uncover opportunities for leveraging social media and do whatever else required to fully understand your project. Then we’ll create a visual outline of your site for you to approve. This is where we become best friends.

02 Design

After the outline comes the blueprints, or wireframe. Once we’re all on board with this basic layout of pages, we mockup prototypes to define the site’s look and functionality as well as indicate areas of interactivity. Next we write copy, develop graphics, design visual aids, and source photography, video or other media. This is where we run out of coffee.

03 Code

Here’s where our developers turn the design into a comprehensive digital experience. We test and retest to perfect the user experience and perform quality assurance checks by testing links, forms and performance in multiple browsers and on multiple devices. This is where we all high-five.

04 Launch

We hand the final files over to your web host and update your domain. We install analytics and provide the proper tools for measuring traffic. We train your team and hand you the keys. Then we check back in with you a few weeks and a few months down the road to make sure it’s all running smoothly. If you want, we’ll stick around and maintain your site monthly. This is where we switch from coffee to bubbly.